Covert Creations Complete Pricing Information

A prepaid $30 sitting fee is required for all scheduled photography shoots. A Covert Creations session consists of a 30-45 minute continuous photography shoot. There is no subject limit within the allotted 30-45 minute session (see *CD option for limitations for multiple/larger family shoots).

After your session is completed, within 10 business days, you will be given a link and password to your own online viewing album. You will have between 50-100 proofs in your online album. Your images will be watermark protected and uploaded at a low resolution; however you can easily view and order your prints from your album. After the link has been sent to you with your password, your album will be available to you for 5 days for ordering. Please schedule your shoots with the 5 day rule in mind. If you can’t order within 5 days from your scheduled shoot, please reschedule your session. We set up sessions so that orders fall within a couple days of each other for ease of lab ordering.

All of our images are of the highest quality both digitally and printed as we use a top quality professional lab. Our standard images are all images that have been edited but have not been color enhanced. If an image does not contain an E in the name in your album, that image is a standard image. All standard images are $5 a unit.

All images that do contain an E in their name are color enhanced which includes sepia, muted colors and black and white among others. These images are $7 a unit.
A unit consists of one of the following:

8x10, 5x7, (2) 4x6’s, or (8) wallets

Larger Prints Price List (price is for either standard or enhanced)

10x13: $9 11x14: $12 12x12: $14 12x20: $15 16x20: $30 20x20: $35 30x40: $55

16x20 Framed Prints: $80
Mahogany, Gold, Black, Light Gray, Light Walnut

CD Option

After viewing all of your finished images, you may find it hard to choose which images to have printed. We have a CD option that allows you to have your images burned to a CD as full resolution images so that you may have them printed whenever and wherever you would like. Depending on which CD option you choose, all of your images (within your option) will be available to you with both media and printed releases included. Ninety nine percent of our customers choose the CD option so that they can own their images to use and print as they desire.

CD Option Prices:

CD with all finished standard images and releases: $150
CD with all finished standard, enhanced images and releases: $175
CD with all images, collages and releases: $200
*CD Option for Larger/Multiple Families/Groups with all finished standard and enhanced images and releases: $225 (2 CD’s with releases). Customers who choose to bring more than their immediate family or other families to their shoot have the option of buying this CD option only.

If you decide that you would like to purchase a CD option, you will email or call Covert Creations so that we can change your pricing profile to reflect our discounted print prices for CD option customers.
Once you purchase the CD, your print prices change to the following (for the images you purchased on the CD).

8x10: $5 5x7: $2.50 4x6: $1.50 (8) wallets: $5

Enhanced images are also discounted to the prices above as long as they were purchased on a CD.